The Top 5 Libertarian Christmas Gifts

It’s every capitalist’s favorite time of year; a time of Black Friday sales,  commerce, and cookies!

Ah!  But what should you buy for your lovable libertarian this year?  You’ve already lavished them with some of the best libertarian holiday gifts you can find, but now you’re fresh out of ideas!

Fear not!  AFL is here, like a bright-red-nosed ungulate on a stormy December 24th evening, to save the day.

Below we’ve compiled the very tippy-top 5 best libertarian Christmas gifts, so you can stop freaking out and go back to celebrating the beauty of voluntary exchange in a (kind of) free market!

1. An awesome tee-shirt from Liberty Maniacs

These folks are libertarians with a flair for eye-catching designs and bold declarations, sure to start up a conversation or two with passerby.  Their Bernie “Free Shit 2020” tee is guaranteed to get you some stares from ardent leftists on your morning commute, or from Uncle Leroy around the eggnog bowl.

Buy one for $20-$23.

Then check out our interview with founder Dan McCall.

2. A Drug War Carol graphic novel

BigHeadPress DrugWarCarol

This is the second time the creative artists over at Big Head Press have made it onto this list for one of their totally wicked libertarian graphic novels.  Full of clean, appealing artwork and with a timely, Christmassy message, you won’t be disappointed with this libertarian tale.

Office of National Drug Control Policy Director, Scrooge McCzar, has a cancer patient arrested for smoking medical marijuana on Christmas Eve, but later that night he finds himself visited by three spirits, including the ghost of Harry Anslinger.  Filled with great characters and presented with a cutting wit, this story will teach you everything you need to know about our country’s failed “war on drugs.”

Pick up a copy at Amazon and then check out our interview with founder Scott Bieser.

3. Jordon Page’s Album, Liberty

Page has become a somewhat unofficial troubadour for the political/Ron Paul wing of the liberty movement.  His recent single, “Liberty” is a perfect illustration of his talents.  Simple, acoustic guitar mixed with a great radio voice makes this a libertarian song you can sing along to while you carry your “Legalize Capitalism” sign outside the Capitol.

The album named after the song is equally stirring, and will keep any libertarian’s ears warm during the cold winter months and while enduring statist epithets and their silly “who will build the roads?” arguments.

Buy it on Amazon for $8.99.

4. High Desert Barbecue by J.D. Tuccille

A great libertarian novel to curl up next to a fire with, and it’s about fire!  From the dust jacket:

Living as a squatter on public land, Rollo has long waged a personal war against the Forest Service, so it’s little surprise when rangers burn him out of his latest shack. But when Rollo is subsequently blamed for a disastrous wildfire, he seeks help from his close friend, Scott, an anarchically minded outdoors enthusiast, and Scott’s girlfriend Lani, who dislikes Rollo but shares his distaste for authority. While investigating a suspicious new forest fire, the trio interrupts a bizarre but vicious gang of environmental terrorists.

The book is a rollicking romp through the high desert of Arizona, which AFL rather enjoyed when we read it.

Get it on Amazon.

5. The Fountainhead movie

The libertarian in your life is surely aware of Ayn Rand’s famous novel, The Fountainhead, but are they also aware that the book was made into a movie in 1949 starring Gary Cooper (as Howard Roark) and Patricia Neal?


Then you simply must get them this libertarian film!

Rand herself wrote the screenplay, so your libertarian will be happy to know that none of her message was watered down (Roark’s famous courtroom speech comes to a healthy six minutes) and the film’s conceptions of Roark’s beautiful but iconoclastic buildings are alone worth the price of admission.

Get it on Amazon.

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