The 17 Best Libertarian Songs About Freedom

Let’s face it.

Most libertarian songs are not so much pro-freedom as they are anti-authoritarian. 

They tend to be more against tyranny than for liberty, and that means sometimes they can sound, well, more angsty than hopeful. More negative than positive.

But libertarianism as a political philosophy is all about the positive.

When your ideology explicitly defends free markets because they are win/win for participants, and sees individuals as capable and deserving of making their own life choices, and strives towards a prosperous world without the initiation of violence, you can’t help but believe in the positive aspects of human nature.

So to showcase these positive elements of libertarian thought, I’ve collected the top 17 libertarian songs about freedom.

The songs I’ve picked present freedom, and the actions of free people, in a positive light and promote the idea that freedom is something core to what it means to be human, and should be cherished and defended.

The Best Libertarian Songs About Freedom

songs about freedom

The songs I’ve collected are a bit eclectic: we’ve got a mix of rock, punk, rap, folk, country, heavy metal, and even a crooner in there, but hopefully—whatever your musical taste—you’ll find at least one pro-freedom song here to your liking.

Note: Not all the bands or singers listed here are, themselves, libertarians, but the lyrics and messages of these specific songs are nonetheless about freedom.

The list below is ordered alphabetically by band name or artist last name.

1. “Individualism” by BackWordz 

A great song focused on the importance of liberty for individuals, this rap/metal piece from libertarian band BackWordz mixes fast-paced rapping from frontman Eric July with a lyrical metal chorus that sounds a hopeful note about the power of free people.

Check it out and see why we put their debut album Veracity on our list of the top Christmas gifts for libertarians.

But you’re not in distress, you’re just stressed, but you partially causing it./

Yes. Individuality. The only way to succeed is secede./

Pushing forward, realizing that we are the marked ones fighting for the freedom of the/

Individual. Rise up, own yourself and take back what you’ve made./

2. “Cold Dead Hands” by Dustin Collins

Of course, it wouldn’t be a list of libertarian songs about freedom without at least one song celebrating the freedom that defends all the others. This one’s for the libertarian country fans out there, who also may own an AR (or five).

There’s an Amendment to a paper/

Up in Washington, D.C./

Ratified and voted on/

By folks like you and me/

Well it’s made it through the ages/

Guarantees this country free/

You can bet your bottom dollar/

It ain’t ending here with me/

3. “Freedom” by Alice Cooper 

Rock legend Alice Cooper’s contribution to the pantheon of songs about freedom is a heavy metal sendoff of authoritarians and busybodies and a rebellious celebration of free speech and free art.

Oh nobody better tell you how to live your life/

Oh you gotta do it on your own/

Freedom, we’re gonna ring the bell/

Freedom to rock, freedom to talk/

4. “Freedom” by Debazine

This French-Canadian singer-songwriter takes a classic rock sound with catchy riffs and pairs it with upbeat, confident vocals and simple, memorable lyrics that will easily get stuck in your head if you’re not careful.

Sick of this motherfucking state/

I’ve fallen in love with you again/

Cause Freedom, yeah, is the lady I’m in love with!/

Freedom, yeah, is the lady I’m in love with!/

5. “Freedom and Liberty” by Funeral Dress

This hopeful, defiant song by Belgian punk band Funeral Dress combines punchy vocals with a catchy sound that serves to emphasize the strength of the pro-freedom message in the lyrics.

One chance, one road/

You better look for your own,/

The gift of life is a wasted present/

If you don’t succeed!/

Think, act, choose wisely,/

Don’t hurt anybody;/

That’s the only groundrule people,/

One law for the FREE!/

And don’t you compromise,/

The big little white lie!/

Freedom, Freedom,/

Freedom and Liberty/

Freedom, Freedom,/

Freedom and Liberty/

6. “Stronger” by Gh0st Boi

Anonymous crypto-anarchist rapper Gh0st Boi exploded onto the libertarian music scene with “The Signal,” a song which literally describes how to 3D-print your own Glock. But his newer song, “Stronger,” is an even more powerful, pro-freedom tune. Gh0st Boi’s sound, reminiscent of Eminem and Breathless, adds a welcome bite to his forceful lyrics about using technology to secure freedom.

The more you hurt us, more the signal gets stronger/

One day, this going to grow into a monster/

Forget your donors, dark money, and your sponsors/

For our freedom, ain’t nothing you could offer/

We only get stronger/

7. “Declaration Day” by Iced Earth

Heavy metal band Iced Earth (founded by Jon Schaffer, who also leads the libertarian rock band Sons of Liberty) wrote this paean to America’s founding for their 2004 album, The Glorious Burden. The vocals of former Judas Priest lead singer Tim Owens combine perfectly with Shaffer’s uplifting and hopeful lyrics about the philosophy of freedom embedded in the American Declaration of Independence.

The odds are stacked against us/

But with our resolve relentless/

An arrogance their weakness/

Our cause is just, we won’t be beaten/

Upon this declaration/

Will come a grand new nation/

Where men are seen as equal/

Governed by and for the people/

8. “Freedom of Speech” by Ice-T

Rapper Ice-T, beloved of libertarians for declaring gun ownership as “the last form of defense against tyranny,” is no stranger to pro-freedom songs. He released this uncompromising defense of the First Amendment and the power and importance of free speech in 1989.

We should be able to say anything, our lungs were meant to shout/

Say what we feel, yell out what’s real/

Even though it may not bring mass appeal/

Your opinion is yours, my opinion is mine/

If you don’t like what I’m sayin’? Fine/

But don’t close it, always keep an open mind/

A man who fails to listen is blind/

We only got one right left in the world today/

Let me have it or throw The Constitution away/

9. “Be Free” by Kemo the Blaxican

With a sound reminiscent of 90s-era Will Smith, Kemo’s song “Be Free” is a forceful message to kids about the value of freedom and the importance of the non-aggression principle.

The world is yours kid, do your thing/

Don’t let it break you, shine like a diamond ring/

Kids, be free/ 

Do whatever it is that you wanna do/

Just as long as you don’t hurt anybody/

Dont, dont hurt anybody/

10. “Born Free” by Matt Monro

Sinatra-like crooner Matt Monro’s “Born Free,” title song of the movie of the same name, is a light, airy tribute to the drive within each of us to live in freedom.

You’re free as the roaring tide/

So there’s no need to hide/

Born free and life is worth living/

But only worth living/

‘Cause you’re born free/

11. “I Own Me” by Neema V

Anarcho-capitalist rapper Neema V hits at the most fundamental right that freedom protects, ownership of your own body and self. His tight lyrics emphasize that with freedom, also comes the responsibility to look after your own life.

I make my own rules/

take my own tools/

you ain’t in my shoes/

no you ain’t get to choose/

I ain’t pay you dues./

I pay ’em for my self/

don’t expect shit from me/

and I ain’t need your help/

12. “The Plan” by NOFX

American punk band NOFX’s “The Plan” is a surprisingly upbeat song that’s basically about the simplicity of the non-aggression principle and how such a view of other people’s freedom (“I don’t fuck with you, don’t fuck with me”) will inevitably lead to the creation of a better world.

It’s nothing like the bible, there’s no lesson to be learned/

It ain’t the 10 commandments, cause nothing’s written in stone/

It has to do with freedom and personal liberty/

I don’t fuck with you don’t fuck with me/

The blueprints of a better world/

Were written on a postage stamp/

13. “Message of Freedom” by Jordan Page

Page’s velvet voice would be enough by itself to gain him a top listing in any libertarian’s playlist, but the fact that his lyrics and songwriting are so compelling elevates his art even higher. This song, presented as a letter to Page’s young children, shares with them his hope that by rejecting force and violence, they can build a world premised on freedom.

Freedom’s the answer, what is the question?/

Resist the advances of force and aggression/

And leave to your children the promise of something more/

As God is my witness I’ll be a slave no more/

14. “My Own Country” by Pennywise

A guilty pleasure of mine, punk band Pennywise’s insolent anarchist anthem “My Own Country” takes the idea of individual freedom to its logical endpoint. If the United States can secede from Great Britain, why can’t an individual secede from the United States?

I’m gonna make it on my own/

Dictator on a throne/

Make my own philosophy, U.S. of me/

A citizen who’s really pissed, United Anarchists/

Give me death or liberty, I am my own country/

15. “Freedom” by Rothbard

This sadly short-lived anarcho-capitalist rock band has a bunch of great songs including “Helicopter Ben” and “Ron Paul,” but this one is the most positive and explicitly about freedom.

The only guarantee/

of interest to me/

is a right to be free/

to be free to keep what I earn/

to decide what my kids learn/

and what I consume shouldn’t be the lawman’s concern/

To be free to speak my mind/

to believe as I’m inclined/

without big brother dropping by to keep me in line/

16. “Something for Nothing” by Rush 

Rush, who dedicated their album 2112 to Ayn Rand, have a lot of libertarian-friendly and anti-authoritarian songs but this one is their most explicitly pro-freedom one. With a similar message to Neema V’s “I Own Me,” “Something for Nothing” highlights the connection between freedom and personal responsibility, especially with regard to taking charge of your own life.

No you don’t get something for nothing/

You can’t have freedom for free/

You won’t get wise/

With the sleep still in your eyes/

No matter what your dream might be/

What you own is your own kingdom/

What you do is your own glory/

What you love is your own power/

What you live is your own story/

17. “Live Free or Die” by White Wizzard

white wizzard live free or die

Similar to Alice Cooper’s “Freedom” this heavy metal tune also extols the power of freedom to allow anyone to seek and attain their dreams. With a sound reminiscent of power metal like Dragon Force, and old school hair metal, “Live Free or Die” is a rousing pro-liberty song and a good one to end our list on.

Patriots of freedom’s fight/

We the people shining the light/

Illuminate our dreams in neon nights/

Free to be who you want to be/

From sea to shining sea/

United force of truth and destiny/

Which Songs About Freedom Did We Miss?

I’m sure everyone has their favorite libertarian songs. Any good pro-freedom ones (with a positive message) we missed in this list? 

Add them in the comments!

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21 Responses

  1. Larry says:

    “Got to be free” by the great Ray Davies!

  2. robert strauss says:

    Most anything by Mojo Nixon

  3. Bryan Burn says:

    I want out, by Helloween

  4. Aaron Joseph Dowdell says:

    Dont tread on me
    Justice for all
    Master of puppets
    Disposable heros
    Lots of other metallica songa

  5. Benjamin says:

    Golden state – bombs. They made a video for the wing dedicated to Ron Paul.

  6. Craig Thomas says:

    Here’s one I wrote and performed all the vocals and instruments.

  7. Jonathan Rainey says:

    Sing For Liberty by All That Remains

  8. Jonathan Rainey says:

    Leah (McHenry) – Prisoner
    Leah (McHenry) – Abyss

  9. JohnnyB says:

    1% – Jane’s Addiction

  10. Ace says:

    Offbeat Bare Ass by 311

    “Do What thou Will shall be the whole of the laws until you violate the rights of another. Resoect based on your sister and your brother. The war on drugs may be well intentioned but…”

  11. Arthur says:

    Rush ‘2112’ was not dedicated to Ayn Rand, it based based on a short story of hers. There is a difference. Nobody in the band is Libertarian and no, neither the drummer who wrote the lyrics.

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