Resources for Libertarian Artists

Do you create libertarian art? Do you write libertarian fiction? Or film libertarian movies?

Then the below resources are for you!

This is a list of organizations, associations, individuals, and tools that can help you, as a libertarian artist, make better art, write better fiction, get support for your films, find and collaborate with other libertarian creatives, and market your fictional and cultural creations to a wider audience.

From scholarships, to professional associations, to websites that’ll review and share your work, these resources for libertarian creators have you covered!

Libertarian Fiction Authors Association

If you write (or want to write) any form of libertarian fiction, this association is THE place to be. Membership is free and gives you access to notable libertarian authors including two-time Prometheus Award-winning author Travis Corcoran, plus anarcho-capitalist grande dame Wendy McElroy, Reason Magazine’s J.D. Tuccille and many more!

The conversations on craft within the mailing list alone are worth the 30 seconds it takes to sign up, and collaborations including short story collections and shared book promotion happen frequently.

The Agorist Writers Workshop

If you’re looking for a place to publish your libertarian, anarchist, and agorist short stories, the Agorist Writers Workshop’s Clarion Call anthology should be at the top of your list. An annual libertarian short fiction anthology, Clarion Call has been published continuously since 2014, with each year focused on a specific theme. 2018’s was re-imagining classic folklore, fables, and fairytales.

Taliesin Nexus

Despite the weird name, these guys are a boon for any libertarian looking to get into film-making, screenwriting, and, as of recently, fiction writing as well. They believe “the fate of a free and civil society ultimately lies in the hands of its artists and storytellers.”

From scholarships and funding for independent film projects ($10,000 up to $90,000), to workshops with noted screenplay writers, paid three-month fellowships, film labs, and more, “TalNexus” is the real deal.

The Libertarian Futurist Society

These guys run the famous Prometheus Award for the best libertarian science fiction, so not only is it worthwhile for libertarian authors to submit their fiction there, but you can also join the society as a member and get access to a great network of people also interested in libertarian novels and fiction.


Patreon’s namby-pamby leftist censorship got you down? Check out SubscribeStar, a funding platform for artists and creatives that has (in their own words), “no silly macromanagement or overreactions, and no judgements or biases whatsoever.” Libertarian creatives like Scott Bieser of Big Head Press already have pages there, so what are you waiting for?

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  1. John LaCarna says:

    I’m looking for a list of literary agents who accept science fiction with a libertarian point of view. They don’t have to be exclusive “libertarian/conservative” agencies—just ones who don automatically reject science fiction/fantasy in which the good guys are libertarian types.

  2. Are there any resources out there for libertarian musicians?

    Or any libertarian musicians I can network with?

  3. Tripp says:

    We are, with your voluntary consent, promoting your stuff on our platforms!

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