Libertarian Songs

A (moderately) comprehensive list of the best libertarian songs out there. We’ve tried to compile music with explicit libertarian, free market, Objectivist, agorist, or pro-capitalist themes, and also included music from avowed libertarian bands.

All these pro-freedom songs have been organized below by genre, and then alphabetical by artist/band name.

Please let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any good ones!

Table of Contents

Libertarian Rock, Metal, and Punk

Freedom by Alice Cooper:

Die for your Government by Anti Flag:

Bloody Revolutions by Crass:

Bailout by The Gitmos:

Buy a Gun by The Gitmos:

The Future Cops of America by The Gitmos:

I Wanna Grow Weed by The Gitmos:

Obamanation by The Gitmos:

Your Government is Lying by The Gitmos:

Gitsum by Hogjaw:

Declaration Day by Iced Earth:

The Prisoner by Iron Maiden:

1% by Jane’s Addiction:

Can I Tell You by Kansas:

Right to Bear by Madison Rising:

Inside Four Walls by Nevermore:

The Plan by NOFX:

My Own Country by Pennywise:

Rather Die than be your Slave by Poker Face:

Revolution by Poker Face:

Justice Day by Rebel Fire:

Smash the State! by Post Freedom:

2112 Album by Rush:

Anthem by Rush:

Bastille Day by Rush:

Something for Nothing by Rush:

The Trees by Rush:

Eve of Destruction by Rothbard:

Eye of the Storm by Rothbard:

Freedom by Rothbard:–XkgA

Helicopter Ben by Rothbard:

Ron Paul by Rothbard:

Brush-Fires of the Mind album by Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth/Sons of Liberty:

Sons of Liberty album by Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth/Sons of Liberty (Example song: Don’t Tread on Me:

The Overwhelming Majority by TENWATCH:

Abolish the Government by True Sounds of Liberty:

Sons of Liberty by Frank Turner:

Live Free or Die by White Wizzard

Libertarian Pop and Alternative

Today for Tomorrow (Privatization) by The Afrigo Band:

Taxman by the Beatles:

Taxman by Lucky Dube:

My Life by Billy Joel:

What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes? by Sharon Jones:

Capitalism by Oingo Boingo:

Mr. G-Man by R&B Bombers: and

Libertarian Country and Folk

Take Our Freedom Back by Band of Patriots:

A Pict Song by Billy Bragg:

Copperhead Road by Steve Earle:

Sunshine by John Edwards:

I’m in Love with Friedrich Hayek by Dorian Electra:

I Belong to Me from the Musical Elizabeth:

Tom Paine’s Bones by Dick Gaughan:

The Only Thing Governments Have Done by Ryan Harvey:

The Government Can by Tim Hawkins:

How Could I Live Without Filing Taxes? by Carla Howell:

The Foggy Dew by Peadar Kearney:

Paper Money by Carl Klang:

I Like Guns by Steve Lee:

I’ll Give Up My Gun by Steve Lee:

I’ve Shot Every Gun by Steve Lee:

Life is Good (The Hickock45 Song) by Steve Lee:

Time to Get a Gun by Steve Lee:

Who Gave You the Right to Take my Guns From Me by Steve Lee:

No Knock Raid by Lindy: and original:

Guv’Mint by Roger Miller:

Born Free by Matt Monro:

Farming the Government by Nebraska Guitar Militia: and

I Ain’t Gonna Piss in no Jar by Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper:

Pirate Radio by Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper:

No More Fun by Ricky North:

The Gadsden Flag by Michael O’Donoghue:

Arm Yourselves by Jordan Page:

Ballad of LaVoy Finicum (Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom) by Jordan Page:

Frontlines by Jordan Page:

Liberty by Jordan Page:

The Light of the Revolution by Jordan Page:

Listen by Jordan Page:

Message of Freedom by Jordan Page:

The Persecution of Schaeffer Cox by Jordan Page:

Sedition by Jordan Page:

War Machine by Jordan Page:

The World Can’t Wait by Jordan Page:

Writing on the Wall by Jordan Page:

Tax Freedom Day by Remy:

Basically just everything by Remy:

Obamanation by Ash Soular:

The New Frontier by The Kingston Trio:

Come and Take It by Steve Vaus:

Mind your Own Business by Hank Williams:

Voting is Violence by Riley Yielding:

Libertarian Rap and Hip Hop

Ron Paul Rap by absgmm2:

Hail Obama by Breathless:

The Signal by Gh0st Boi:

Stronger by Gh0st Boi:

Freedom of Speech by Ice-T:

I Own Me by Neema V:

Fear the Boom and Bust: A Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem by John Papola and Russ Roberts:

Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two by John Papola and Russ Roberts:

Cough Drops-The Mandate by GoRemy:

If You Like Your Plan You Can Keep It by Remy:

Nanny Tax Rap by GoRemy:

Justice-Ohio Zombrilla Remix by Zombrilla/Diego Zorilla:

Libertarian Electronica

The State by Porter Robinson:

Boot by Terminal Velocity:

Other lists of liberty-loving songs:

7 Responses

  1. Joao says:

    “Let’s Love” by Matthew Sweet. So Post-political.


  2. T.J. Stracener says:

    Uprising by Muse

  3. That nigga McGee says:

    Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves

  4. Cliff says:

    Don’t Tread on Me by Damn Yankees
    Let it Be by The Beatles

  5. Thorn says:

    Self Ownership by BackWordz

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