Interview With Crypto-Anarchist Rapper Gh0st Boi

Crypto-anarchist rapper Gh0st Boi exploded onto the scene recently with his cheekily defiant track, “The Signal” which, quite literally, explains exactly how to download and 3D-print your very own untraceable Glock pistol.

To wit:

They want to take our guns whenever kids get shot

Instead of helping the sick, they say you in their thoughts

Exercise your rights, end up on prison blocks

That’s why I’m telling you, how to print a glock

Grab the Creality Ender Three

Get an eSun PLA Plus piece

Find the Freemendontask, Glock 17

Using GitHub, search fosscad, then please

Slice the STL, infill at a hundred percent

Make sure to use supports, then print

While you wait, order rails off SpookyRails

Glock 17 parts kit, through the mail

Remove supports when it’s done, see the README

Give a shout out on Keybase, it’s too easy

Assemble when the parts arrive, it’s all a blur

And don’t forget the spring and a follower

The song, which you really need to listen to in its entirety, is a great example of using libertarian music to spread an important message about freedom and the right to self defense.

gh0st boi crypto-anarchist rap album

Since “The Signal” Gh0st Boi has released several more great pro-freedom songs. Most of them relate to guns and gun control, but at least one, “Stronger,” gets into broader crypto-anarchist themes like decentralization and using encryption to route around government or corporate crackdowns:

Routing protocols, we can dodge the law

We got data in ciphers that just can’t be broken

Using VPN, that’s deeper than the Atlantic Ocean

Modern superheroes, they want names, not a man has spoken

Call this movement radical equality, that’s the slogan

His name is a not-so-subtle allusion to the unserialized “ghost guns” that so terrify the statist establishment and all the left-wing attorneys general.

ghost gun gh0st boi cryptoanatchist rapper

We were able to catch up with Gh0st Boi through his encrypted ProtonMail account and he agreed to answer some questions about his libertarian band and about the 3D gun-printing cause.

1. Why did you start producing pro-gun/3D-printing music and how did you realize there was a market need?

We found ourselves being censored on platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. This was an experiment to see if they would try to ban music too.

2. Describe your act a little and the logistics of it. Are you a one-man show or do you have other people helping to put together tracks?

We collaborate with others when needed. We take input from the community as a whole and we put out the message we all agree on.

3. I assume you consider yourself a libertarian or crypto-anarchist politically, what inspired you to become one?

Cody Wilson inspired me to become a crypto-anarchist. 

4. As a songwriter, how do you get your ideas? Are there any other artists or musicians who have influenced/inspired you?

I was never a songwriter until this idea came up. Some artists that have influenced me are YTCracker, Biggie, and Tupac.

5. Many in the liberty movement seek to promote their philosophy through activism and academia, why do you think art and music should be included in that mix?

Music in particular can be catchy and difficult to get out of your head. A good song sticks with you, and also makes others interested.

6. Do you have any favorite piece of art, music, film etc. that promotes libertarian ideals?

Our favorites aren’t released yet, stay tuned!

7. What would be your advice for aspiring artists who share your love of liberty?

Don’t let those who would attempt to crush our freedoms get you down. There are always ways to fight back.

8. Could you describe your creative process? How do you go from nothing to one of your badass songs, for instance?

We believe in open source software, however some secrets we will keep for ourselves ­čÖé

10. Did you have any formal training as a musician or singer?

No formal training in this area, no.

11. How can those interested in promoting liberty cultivate and inspire artists and other creatives within the movement?

Those with creative talent are encouraged to learn Fusion360 and show us your weapons designs.

12. Where can people find you online and support you?





And make sure to check out Gh0st Boi’s other crypto-anarchist songs on Soundcloud, and follow him on Twitter @BlueGooGuns

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