The 5 Best Libertarian Holiday Gifts

It’s that time of year again, and you’ve been tasked with braving the cold, the crowds, and the shopping mall Santas, and returning with the perfect gift for that Ayn Rand quoting, Gadsden Militia flag waving friend/relative/lover/frenemy of yours.

But what do you get someone who already has 3 copies of The Fountainhead, a Colt 1911 and gold coins with Thomas Paine’s face on them?

You’re about to find out!

Because below is AFL’s guide to the best Libertarian Holiday Gifts: a random smattering of some of the best free-market schwag out there.  Put one of these under the tree, and you’re sure to bring a smile of joy to even the grinchiest Milton Friedman fan.

1. Escape From Terra Volume 1 Graphic Novel

We really can’t recommend this story, by Sandy Sandfort, Scott Bieser (see AFL’s interview with Scott), and Lee Oaks, enough.  Imagine Star Trek, except without the socialist utopian Federation outlawing money and private property, and with a society of plucky “Belters” living on Ceres and mining the asteroid belt to become fabulously wealthy instead.

When a tax collecter from the totalitarian government of Earth is sent to Ceres to reign in the free market anarchists of the Belt, adventure, hilarity and stateless resistance ensues!

Pick up a copy at Amazon for $12.95.

2. Noble Vision by Gen LaGreca

Noble Vision is a great novel to curl up by a warm fireplace with.  This debut effort follows a brave neurosurgeon as he struggles against an overbearing, socialistic healthcare system.  Your libertarian acquaintance will love LaGreca’s defense of free markets as Doctor Lang tries to save a tragically injured ballerina with his groundbreaking new therapy.

Author Gen LaGreca is an Ayn Rand fan herself, and she presents an appealing sense of life throughout the novel.  If you still need convincing, go read AFL’s review of Noble Vision.

Then, pick up a copy at Amazon for $14.95.

3. A Liberty Maniacs T-shirt

Look classy and spread the message of liberty with one of the many witty, artsy, or straight up pretty shirts designed by artist Dan McCall (check out AFL’s interview with Dan).

Need something that expresses your disgust for the central bank in a pithy yet eye-catching way?  Or better yet shows your support of Murray Rothbard’s economic policies?  Liberty Maniacs has both, and plenty more besides.

Mosey on down and get some pro-freedom gear for that Hayekian in your life.

4. The Castle Movie

This Australian comedy about an eccentric family out to save their ramshackle home from a government land grab is heartwarming and funny.  Man of the house Darryl Kerrigan may have built his “castle” close to the airport, near power lines, and on top of a toxic waste dump, but it’s still his.

Any libertarian or supporter of private property rights will get misty-eyed as Darryl and his family take on the Australian state to defend what’s rightfully theirs.

Check out some highlights from the movie:

Then get the DVD at Amazon for $14.45.

5. 2112 Album by Rush

Featuring such classic songs as “Something for Nothing” and “The Temples of Syrinx,” Rush’s most famous album is also a paen to political freedom and individualism.  The Canadian band explicitly credited “the genius of Ayn Rand,” and were clearly influenced by her novel, Anthem, in the album’s storyline.

Whether your libertarian likes rock or freedom more, this is a great gift to warm his/her earholes.

Buy the whole album on Amazon for $19.49.

Need even more awesome gift ideas?  Check out AFL’s list of libertarian fiction.

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