The New We’re Back!


Five years sure go by fast, huh?

That’s when our last post was, in January, 2014.

But we’re back, and better than ever!

Shiny and metal.

We’ve got a shiny new domain (you’ll notice all the old pages now redirect to ones), though we’ve kept the old logo and tagline for continuity (and laziness…), and if you poke around you’ll see a ton of other new things have been added and updated since last we published.

Our core lists of libertarian artworks have been reorganized and greatly expanded:

  • The libertarian fiction list has almost tripled in size (going from 131 total books to 364 and counting) and we’ve separated novels out by genre and added a clickable table of contents for ease of navigation.
  • The list of libertarian songs has also been added to and organized by genre (with a ton of new songs still to be added).
  • And the libertarian movies list has been cleaned up and had dead links replaced.

Plus we’ve added a page of resources for libertarian artists, fiction authors, and other creatives, with links to organizations and tools to help you create better art, and get your art in front of a wider audience.

You may also have noticed that (hopefully not too annoying) pop-up (and nav/sidebar link) to get our sweet, sweet, free libertarian fiction megapack: we’ll be adding to that “megapack” as more libertarian fiction authors send us work they want to be included, and signing up for it is also a great way to learn about new releases, sales, and deals from libertarian authors (not to mention be notified when new posts are published here!).

Over the next few months we’ll be updating some older posts with new info and links (for instance, we’ll be greatly expanding the popular “Best Free Libertarian Novels” post with a ton of great new free books we’ve discovered) and bringing you new articles including reviews of libertarian fiction, interviews with prominent liberty creatives and artists, and news about awesome upcoming or overlooked libertarian novels, movies, songs, and even poems.

We’re also looking for guest posters!

Would you like to be involved? Hit us up on the contact page and we’ll reach out.

And again, if you’d like to be notified when we publish new content (and get some awesome, free libertarian fiction to boot!) sign up here.

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