J. Neil Schulman Argues For Using Fiction to Spread Libertarianism

Here at AFL we argue ceaselessly for the importance of popular culture in spreading the idea of liberty and individual rights.  J. Neil Schulman, author of the libertarian novel, Alongside Night, makes the case far more compellingly in the following video.

This is a speech Mr. Schulman gave at Libertopia in 2010 and, though long, is worth every minute.


The Achilles heel of the libertarian movement, is that all of you understand the ideas of freedom, but the general public does not.  The ideas that Jay Snelson was talking about, the win/win theory as opposed to the win/lose theory; they’re learning the win/lose theory from Gordon Gecko in [the movie] Wall Street.

On his conversion to libertarianism:

I came to the libertarian movement through the works of Robert Heinlein, a science fiction writer.  It was the images of revolution, of future revolution in his stories, in his tales, in his parables, that brought me to you today.

The video can be seen in its original context at Schulman’s website for the upcoming Alongside Night movie, here.

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  1. December 8, 2011

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