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Revolution, Chapter One: The Shop On the Corner, Part Two

At sunrise, when Sindamo was finishing the first batch of the day, George Hela arrived at the bakery. The first and last thing most people noticed about Sindamo’s mid-twenties guard was his earnestness. He was quiet and simple, possessed of an implacable dedication to his job and little else. Sindamo had hired him because he needed someone to look after the store when he had to go get supplies or go to the kitchen to bake during the day. Also, since the police and army were totally unreliable, Sindamo needed some muscle in the store to deal with any potential robbers. With a simple “Good morning, boss,” George pulled up a stool and assumed his position behind the counter.


Revolution, Chapter One: The Shop on the Corner, Part One

Thomas Sindamo woke up from his sleep. He had dreamed again of that night twenty one years earlier when he and Sister Schiller had listened to the Ode. The occurrence of the dream was not particularly noteworthy for Sindamo. As with most people, he dreamed of the events of his childhood about once a week. Sometimes he would dream of the Ode. Other nights he would dream that he was back in his math class at the missionary school or reading a book at night on the porch while the flies tried to get through the mosquito netting.


Revolution, Prologue

This is the first post of Revolution, a serialized novel. A new chapter will appear (at least) once a week on Ars Gratia Libertatis.