Cannibals, an Original Poem

Cannibals (or: “Eating Atlas, a tale of bailouts”)

Cannibals chew no human meat
In our enlightened age.
Instead they loot the balance sheet,
Destroying page by page.

They gather round the boiling pot
To cook away our rights.
They sit and stir and while they plot,
They chant throughout the nights:

“If you are sick you’ll need our aid;
We’ll take from those who work.
We’ll “eat the rich” to get you paid,
We worship those who shirk.

We need our fix, we want much more.
Producers we will gut!
For every tax from rich to poor
We’ll take most of the cut.”

The CEOs, the head honchos
Now hear the tolling bell.
The parasites; their mortal foes,
Are leading us to hell.

“You’ll work for free, you’ll work for fun,
You’ll give us what you owe.
No profit now, so says our gun!”

Drooling cannibals crow.

They are so quick,
To praise the sick
And damn those who have health.
But who will feed
Their reckless greed
When they’ve ate up all the wealth?

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