The 5 Best Libertarian Holiday Gifts

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It’s that time of year again, and you’ve been tasked with braving the cold, the crowds, and the shopping mall Santas, and returning with the perfect gift for that Ayn Rand quoting, Gadsden Militia flag waving friend/relative/lover/frenemy of yours.

But what do you get someone who already has 3 copies of The Fountainhead, a Colt 1911 and gold coins with Thomas Paine’s face on them?

You’re about to find out!

Because below is AGL’s Libertarian Holiday Gift Guide: a random smattering of some of the best free-market schwag out there.  Put one of these under the tree, and you’re sure to bring a smile of joy to even the grinchiest Milton Friedman fan.

A Second Opinion, Chapter Six: Thomas King

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This is chapter 6 of a serialized novella appearing on Ars Gratia Libertatis every two weeks.  Read from the beginning here.

Chapter Six: Thomas King

Never doubt what small men will do for great power. –Paolo Bacigalupi

Thomas King had been ten the moment he first decided he wanted to be a bureaucrat. It had not been a conscious decision; he still said he wanted to be an astronaut, but deep down, where it counts, he didn’t. The young boy with the mousy brown hair, his midsection always a little too doughy, wanted to be a bureaucrat when he grew up.

It had happened the day Thomas was awarded the title of Recess Monitor for going a whole month without being tardy once. That recess was one of the least fun half hours the children at Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary School would ever have to endure. But for Thomas King, it was a blast.

The 5 Best Free Libertarian Novels

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Let’s face it, novels celebrating the free market and individual rights are pretty hard to come by. Most everything in the fiction section of your local bookstore is some paean to collectivism, or diatribe against the evils of capitalism and the “soul killing” nature of consumerism.

But you don’t believe that stuff.

You know capitalism, mixed with a political system that protects individual rights, has been the single greatest force for good on the planet, lifting billions out of crushing poverty. You don’t want to read all that bilge about how you’re a bad, bad person for supporting it.

So what is a wayward libertarian to do? Especially when so much of your money is stolen by the government each year that you have very little left over to buy books?

Why, turn to the free stuff on the Internet of course!

Luckily I’ve taken the time to compile a list of the 5 best libertarian novels (in no particular order) that also happen to be free. Gratis. Sin dinero. The low, low cost of nothing. Just for you.

I’ve even included links to where you can download them.

I know, right?